Chapter I. Denomination, finality and domicile

1st Article

The non profit making association named ASSOCIACIÓ PER A LA RECUPERACIÓ DE LA MEMÒRIA HISTÒRICA DE CATALUNYA (ARMHC) , is set up in compliance with the law 7/1997 dated June 18, concerning Catalan associations, published in the official bulletin n°2423 dated July 1st, issued by the Generalitat de Catalunya.

2nd Article

On December 18,2002, persons interested in re-establishing the true history of the Franquist period and the consequences of certain events that happened during this time, met in order to :

A) Take action to re-establish the dignity and obtain justice for the civil and military victims of the war and the political repression during the Franquist period in Catalonia.

B) Undertake investigations with a view to localising common graves and identifying the unidentified bodies of the civil and military victims of the war and the political repression from 1939 to 1977.

C) Start up a procedure which will enable Catalan society to share the targets of the association in order to re-establish the reality of the period 1936 - 1977.

D) Transmit to the civil society and the public institutions all the information our association may find, with a view to re-establishing the truth concerning facts which were falsified, identifying the persons, making known the harm suffered by the victims of Franquism, establishing the parental links with families, survivors and descendants, undertaking investigations as accurately as possible and if justified, taking legal action to bring proceedings against those concerned for Crimes Against Humanity.

Excluded from the intention of the association any gainful activity.