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_____Manifesto of University


The Catalan Association for the Recovery of Historic Memory (ARMHC) want to bring to light and show our support to the next manifesto. This manifesto is an initiative of the Autonomous University of Barcelona to obtain support of different sectors of civil society: academic and research centres, different kind of civil associations and individual
persons.You are invited to join this manifesto sending an email to this address:

Until now are giving support:



The persons and institutions of learning sign this manifesto declaring:

1. That the community of universities and scientific research centers in Catalunia seek to contribute to the holistic knowledge of the Spanish Civil War and of the subsequent years of fascist repression.
2. That the complete knowledge of the facts and their contexts are the only way to definitively close a wound that is very recent in historical terms and that remains open in our country. This turn of the page does not seek to forget, but to make these facts part of the collective memory of the Catalan people, developing tools for the construction of a future of peace.
3. That the existence of mass graves of victims of the Spanish Civil War and the victims of the subsequent fascist repression is material proof of the crimes against humanity that were committed and that never have been adequately recognized.
4. That both, the oral history and collective memory of the people that survived must not be lost and must be a collective heritage.
5. That without this memory our country cannot freely confront, its' own history, the future and human rights abuses everywhere in the world.
6. That the measures carried out until now by the Catalan government to document these facts haven't been sufficient and that this insufficiency has contribute contributed, its passivity, to the loss of information about this historic period.
7. That the recovery of this historic memory is now a matter of maximum urgency and priority, because the verification of personal memories and oral histories is essential. Currently, there are a sever risk of losing these memories and history because of the length of the time (near seventy years), and because of urban expansion and the dramatic transformation of the landscape in recent years.


For all these motives, we demand:

1. That the Catalan government makes it a matter of national policy to recover and preserve this memory. And to implement this policy with all the legal and material means needed and with the creation of an office of coordination and a commission or research center, to
a: Stimulate, coordinate and gather all the efforts of particular initiatives and organizations with these goals.
b: Develop and execute in a timely manner strategies for the recovery, archiving, study and public dissemination of the personal histories of the survivors, and to provide, psychological and material support to the participants in this task.
c: Initiate the location and inventory of the mass graves and the other material remains of the Spanish Civil War and the subsequent fascist repression.
d: Develop public program using the knowledge gained about the atrocities of the Spanish Civil war to preserve the memory of these events as part of the common heritage of humanity.
e: Recover, catalogue, analyze, preserve and make public all the information resulting from these studies.
2. The development in Catalonia of a program of preservation and public interpretation of the sites and places where these events occurred in order to make them know and accessible to the public as part of the historic and social heritage of humanity.

We the undersigned commit ourselves to the realization of these goals.


Tornar a pàgina principal